January 8, 2010

disturbing movies.

as long as i watch dvds and movies, many of them leave "this-kind-of-disturbed-feelings" aftertaste or just made me said "what the fuck??" or just squinting there in front of the television or laptop. but in a good way, anyway.
i'm tired doing some promotional kit and branding things for my last semester exam, so i'm making a list like this.

several disturbing movies that i've watched until now.

1. Antichrist
At first i was excited to watch another Von Trier's work of art. then i realize this movie is amazing but left me this kinda paranoia. especially that clitoridectomy scene. i can't tell you anything further, you can just read the synopsis on IMDB.

2. Un Chien Andalou / The Andalusian Dog
from the beginning of the sequence this surprise you with that razor sliting the eye. more than 70 years later, this image is STILL disturbing. oh don't forget that ant crawl from the wound and strange men pulling up the piano.

3. Brown Bunny
at first i was curious about that sensational sex scene that performed by Chloe Sevigny and that narcisstict Vincent Gallo. but then the end of this movie -weirdly- really, really broke my heart until i silently cried.

4. Oldboy
the ending was just fffffffffffff- up! i was confused i was too stunned, amazed, or disgusted. girls, never ever watch this with your dad.

5. Funny Games
this is not funny at all. i was just "aaaarrrghh" -ing during movies. feels like 10 men punching your face and grind your foot with cars and you just can't fight back.

6. Cache
with same director as Funny Game, Michael Haneke makes it hurts you so good. silent scene with static handycam-y point of view, watching your house, you never know who've been stalked you this long, after this scene when this poor man slit his throat in front of yr face.

7. Irreversible
that 'legendary 9 minutes' with Monica Belluci? i was fastforwarded it. i was nauseating and headache. so brutal.

8. Clockwork Orange
i almost forgot this. being hit by phallus statue is not a good way to die, isn't it? and those dialect and language like "malchick" or "tolchock" gets in yr brain. oooh i really enjoyed Alex (Malcolm McDowell) and his "droogs".

of course, there are so many that i haven't been watched. or movies that i don't know if they're disturbing or not, like Blow Up with its weird -but nice- ending. and i'm curious about Pink Flamingos, always see it in mondovideo but doubtly bought it.

anyway, let's start listing! :)

hey i found good links, let's see...is there any of your favourite?
FYI, when i saw the image from Freaks and Eraserhead, i was FREAKED OUT.

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Resatio Adi Putra said...

ah clock work orange rameee

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