May 10, 2010

waking up on 10 pm and work until 5 am is not good for your health.

what is on earth i'm thinking to make a full-illustrated 32 pages piano scores as my final project.
and the deadline is only 2 weeks ahead.
hahahahaha~ (sad-laughing)

it was funny anyway, before this i was not interested into children book. i prefer fashion illustration and work on layout thingies. and surprisingly, making children book is quite fun! i enjoy it very much!

well, these are the very raw version and haven't revised it yet.
God, i need help!!


Rega Ayundya Putri said...

dii ah nii semangaaat

dessy fapiola said...

wahhh keren diani! semangats

diani. said...

terimakasih semuanyaaa :D

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