August 25, 2010

1st day at Concept Jr.

hey this is a view from my spot at the office!

isn't that nice? :D

and oh this new thing makes me wake up earlier to get a bus everyday.

fuckin' fingerprint.

Have I told you that I'm going to move from my uncle's house at Pondok Indah to my own dorm at Jalan Birah? (which is not too far from my office at Jalan Wijaya)

yeehawwww it's gonna be my first time being "anak kosan"! super excited :D
now I'm planning to bring my folding bike to Jakarta, or build a fixie (after I save some money from my salary, I guess)

wish me luck!


Myr said...

sama, di..
kantor gw ajug pake 'that f*cking fingerprint machine' buat absensi T^T

susah bolos..

konakmania said...

wah conceptmagz office.....forme....

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