October 4, 2010

Cheers UK!

(haha I forgot that I should have uploaded this from 4 months ago :P)

Actually this cover illustration is one of my favourite projects, and now I'd like to tell you how I made this :)

So, one day, Mbak Citra a.k.a Citra Dyah Prastuti (my cousin) called me and asked me to do cover design and illustration for her soon-to-be-launched-book, gonna be published by Gagas Media, about her study in UK. at first, I thought her book was some kind of travel journal or else, but after I read her script, her story was sooooo interesting!

at first, her script titled "Pippilotta Going UK!" because she is a big fan of Pippi Longstocking, and yes, she does have witty personality like Pippi (hello mbak Cit, smoooch :*)

Mbak Citra wanted her book looks special with illustration, not like an ordinary travel journal novels / book with globes, compass, big photo collage that shows you big mountains, rivers, etc *yawn*

so I grabbed my watercolor kit, started working and made a whimsical type of illustration like this (after doing manual watercolor illustration, I scanned them and let Photosop help me):

too bad, it wasn't approved yet because we forgot we had this copyright thingies, hahaha.
We forgot that Pippi came from another publisher.

then I made another options, looks a bit the same with former cover, but without Pippi *sorry Pippy I have to delete you :(((*

after this and that and those and this and that and this revision and voting (voting is one of the most important step to choose the cover, because the publisher has its own designer. the cover which is going to be published is the one which got the most.)

oh yeah, even I had to do the revision while I'm having my holiday in Pangandaran. LOL.
(I'm doing it in Photoshop 7.0 in my daddy's mini laptop, with seashore and wave sounds outside my motel. LOL.)

Lucky, I made quite many illustration and put them in a folder to be my "library".
So guys, it is VERY important to keep updating your own design library, so you don't have to make it from the scratch. You just have to put together anything that you need ;) and actually, for the background, I'm not doing it manually. It's just a sample of watercolor splatter that I had, then I scanned it, and just edited it in Photoshop.

Because the concept of this cover is fun, free, and mix between photo collage with illustration, I collect many photos about UK. actually my favourite stuff is that punker boy with green hair that you can see him from some of the pictures above hahaha.

and finallyyy, the final cover is chosen :

weeheeee..this one with blue sky and cheerful Mbak Citra as the center of the attention! I am satisfied with the result! :D :D :D :D

This book is being a best seller in some bookstores in Jakarta, and I am so proud of my cousin of course. She's such a great writer, and reading her book is so much fun and inspirational! I'm never get bored of it.

Wanna know more of her? you can click on her wordpress, and her blog about her sweet little family with her cute 2 years old son, Senja. don't forget to email her after you read her book, she will be very happy to read and reply it, fellas!

she's just said "hello" to you, bloggers!


nadia sabrina dwiumami said...

pretty interestiingg!!! hahahha... always love your art, dee! <3

Anonymous said...

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