October 4, 2010

Giffa for Alun Alun Indonesia

this project is for my lovely and talented bestfriend, Giffarin Rindiwandana.
She has her own her fashion label and distributed it to Alun Alun Indonesia at prestigious shopping mall Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.
Isn't that amazing?

Her work combined modern and traditional Indonesian culture, made from various range of Batik and Tenun, and she made it into cool jackets and veeeeery pretty shoes. you all should see it for yourself (and don't forget to buy pairs, of course, teehee :D)

Giffa wanted her logo to be traditional-ish, and inspired from batik motifs.
at first, I was totally blank about this, twas my first time doing logo inspired from traditional motifs. I chose "Parang Rusak" as my inspiration, then make some modules in Ai. I also chose very classic typeface (Adobe Caslon) then modified it.

then, the final logo. the very-edgy-and-trendy-with-black circle. heehee.

the logo also applied on a nice wooden hangtag.

I am so proud with you, Giffa! keep on the good work! I will always help you if you need me, XOXO :*

1 comment:

giffa said...

aku suka sekali logo yang dibuat sama dianii :* puaass!! haha

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