October 3, 2010

Soemardja : A Design Weekend

around few weeks ago, i got an email from an event called Soemardja : A Design Weekend.
they asked me to participate in an exhibition held at Galeri Soemardja, consist of young designers showcase and little talkshow. They asked me to exhibit my project in Kandurakeramik rebranding identity. (you can see it here, and here :)

I never knew that this project will be going this far.
We started this project as a college assignment, then we won an award in IGDA, then we have a small exhibition with our seniors that we have been long time admired as a successful designers. woohoo!

because this wasn't my private project, I had to choose a group name with my other 3 friends.
then in 24..(maybe less than it) hours, we chose "arisandesign" as our name. LOL.
I designed our namecard too :)

(better be printed, i guess.)

and here it is our table in that showcase.

here is one of my blogger friend, she's the owner of Tobucil. I've been adored her work for a long long time. hello Mbak Tarlen :)

too bad I didn't bring much money to buy all those nice notebook. but I guess I will see Tarlen again on Pasar Seni 2010.

so many awesome projects there! I feel flattered that I can join in one exhibition with them! thank u for inviting us, Soemardja :)

awesome handmade postcard series by Zaldy.

these bags are made from Tyvex in edgier way.

one of fellow friend, hello Fold!

you should see the sketch. thrilling skills by Elfandiary.

these Mufty Priyanka's works made me laugh. very entertaining in kitsch way.

see the rest of photos here and here. too bad you had to have a Facebook account to open those :)

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martha puri natasande said...

love wour works and hers too ( Mbak Tarlen) <3


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