December 10, 2010

rest in peace dearest snupi.

one of my friend, anggi a.k.a snupi, passed away this early morning after suffered from terminal illness.
too bad i can't make it to her funeral, but i will always pray for her here..

take care up there, anggi...
i know you will be happy.

i imagine her walking upstairs with colorful backpack, and wear colorful stylish outfit, and not forgetting her signature necklace, that "milosundae" (her nickname) beaded necklace.
walking upstairs,
then waving happily with her cheerful smile.

Bye Snupi,
long live Milosundae, in our heart :')

one of her artwork. there you go snupi, go paint and draw heaven :')


rara arar said...

diani, aku sedih baca post kamu yang ini :__________(

diani. said...

me too rara :___(
tapi ayoo kita jangan sedih terus, ntar anggi ngambek. she must be happy up there if we are happy too :)

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