April 19, 2011

every child is an artist. the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.

hello, long time no see, people.
I'm kinda busy working, and things get pretty tight last days, but now I'm counting my days to get a new job :)
Lemme tell you about my normal job, I mean, my daily job. I'm currently working in children merchandise department in a publisher where I design merchandise for kids and stuff like that. But from next Monday, I'm going to work in a new and bigger office focusing in retail business and department store :)

Ever heard this quote by Picasso?

"Every Child is an Artist. The Problem is Staying an Artist When You Grow Up."

Few days ago, my mother uploaded (to Facebook) my drawing when I was a kid.
I remember, these drawing was published in Republika, a national newspaper and I got around Rp 35.000 (around US $3) for publishing fee. It was 1994, I was 6 years old, and with that money, I bought my first colored pencils and markers :)

the right claw was drew by my father, then I tried to copy it on the left. looks funny.

Those clam bras was put on the shoulder. haha this is hillarious.

It feels nostalgic when I look at these drawings. Sometimes it reminds me what my dream when I was a kid. In that time, if anyone asked me what I will be, I will answer them proudly,
"I want to be a painter."

What will happen next?
Will I stay being an artist when I grow up?
Am I end up being tired and old, working behind the desk, meet people, get money and stuff?

but this is life, anyway. you gotta deal with it B-)


kuwacikecil said...

salam kenal yaa!! :D
love your artworks so much, bu!! :D


Sundea said...

Agreeeeee ... =D

Elfitra said...

IHHHHHH ko rapi sih kelas 1 sd.... :|

diani. said...

hahaha iya aku juga bingung loh fit.

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