July 28, 2011

Chris Cornell doppleganger.

On last Sunday, I thought I just saw Chris Cornell of Soundgarden / Audioslave / Temple of the Dog walking at Gasibu, Bandung.

Holy MF God, I'm pretty sure that's him.

I was in the car with my boyfriend, Luky after taking a breakfast at Padalarang (Bandung suburban) then decided to buy some yoghurt at Cisangkuy. When we struggled through the damn traffic, Luky saw this man with a very very close appearance of Chris Cornell. Wavy short hair, thin face, and that familiar nose of Chris Cornell.

I've heard rumours that Chris Cornell is in Indonesia, especially Bandung. Few weeks ago, I've heard that he came to Harax t-shirt workshop and went to Ujungberung to observe hardcore community there. Even I've heard that he went to Ceu Mar (or Bu Imas?) then ate JENGKOL there? funny and hard to believe, I know. :))))))))

Gw sendiri sampe ga habis pikir kenapa rumornya bisa seamburadul itu pas di belakang2nya. hahahahahahaha.

Then, we decided to look for him. damn, we lost him. I thought i just saw that man, (let's say him a Chris Cornell KW 2. LOL) walk with a girl with shortpants and hair in a bun, and maybe take an angkot ride. ------> this is too funny, even I laughed when I type this.

In the afternoon, I checked @KeukenBDG twitter's account and somebody tweeted like this:

RT Waw! chris cornell datang ke

you can just click at the lockerz. link to view and tell me, is it Chris Cornell or somebody who just looks like Chris Cornell?

hahahahh this is too funny. and everybody keep talking and argumenting if it was the real Chris or not. My friends checked the official tour dates, and told me it was impossible because he had a quite tight tour schedule. but then i checked Harax facebook account, and i just keep saying to myself. THIS IS HIM. (or JUST REALLY LOOKS LIKE HIM. DAMN)

(courtesy of Baraya HARAX.)

Or just saying IF that man isn't Chris Cornell, he's just Chris Cornellia (Agatha)

mega LOL X'))))

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