July 30, 2011

first time being architectural.

this is the current project i'm working on,
an illustrated series for a novel, "A Life Traveller" written by Windy Ariestanty (you can follow her twitter @windyariestanty )

actually this is the first time I make a series of architectural drawing,
I'm bad at constructional drawing, got a mediocre score at constructional drawing class, I have difficulties at three-dimentional depth.

Intinya mah, hese we lah ngegambar gedung2an.

But, here it is the sneak peek of these artworks.
gaya gambarnya terinspirasi dari quick sketch para traveller di sketchbooknya :)

If you asked how i deal with my difficulties on architectural drawing, let me tell you, I'm just tracing all of these with pencils on my laptop screen anyway. hahaha banyak jalan menuju Roma :p

can't wait for the book launching on August. thank you Mbak Alit (the editor) and Mbak Windy (the writer) :)


Elfira Arisanti said...

bagus-bagus ih :) keereeeeeeeeeeen

diani. said...

thank youuuuu :D

aghnia amalia said...

lucu banget :D

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