October 4, 2011

angkot driver.

Bintaro is such a small place,
everyday you can see the same person on the same public transportation that you ride on.
just like this Kangen Band's vocalist-looks-like angkot driver.
I have met him three days in a row when I get home.
and I always eavesdrop his conversation with his "kenek" (driver assistant) like : how he manage his money, and even his feeling toward his demanding girlfriend.

"Udah sampe mana lu sama cewe lu?titik darah penghabisan?" ask his friend.
"Kaga lah, tapi apapun yang dia pengen gua sediain laaaah." answer him.
"Mau2nyalu direpotin cewe."his friend mocks.

then this Kangen Band's vocalist-looks-like angkot driver paused.

and suddenly, Yolanda by Kangen Band playing in head.

"Kamu dimana, dengan siapa...
semalam berbuat apa..."

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