October 1, 2011


Lately, I always order Ravioli or Canneloni in Italian Restaurant.
It's kinda the same..only different on their shape.
Ravioli is pillow shaped, and Canneloni is pipe-shaped kind of pasta, and they were stuffed with spinach or minced meat. anything you like.

Actually, I was inspired by one of my mother's bestfriend,
Her name is Tante Wina.
I remember her as a cheerful, talkative woman and very kind mother of two.

Two years ago, Tante Wina died caused of terminal illness.
In the last time I met her on the hospital, I remember her husband asked her what she liked to eat.

With soft voice, she answered she'd like to eat Ravioli from kafe Pisa, Menteng.
but everyone in that room insist that she wants Canneloni from Pizza hut. (LOL)

Days after that, my mother told me that Tante Wina has died of cancer.

Maybe, Ravioli was the last delicious food that Tante Wina ever asked before she passed away, we never knew.
Tante Wina's taste of food can be trusted. those kind of pasta truly tasted good.
That's why, since then I always order the Ravioli or Canneloni until this time.
If I can, I'd like to ask to her,
Dear Tante Wina, which one you like best, Ravioli or Canneloni?

Be fine there :')

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