January 8, 2012

hello 2012 :)


happy new year 2012 to you all :)

so many things happened here in last 2 months.

next week I'm going to work at new office. after being an employee here and there all around Jakarta, finally I'm going to work at the smaller office at the corner of Jl. Kemang Selatan :)

2012 Chinese Zodiac is the year of Water Dragon, which is my sign (even though my element is Earth Dragon). I'm not taking this zodiac thing seriously, but I have this positive air around me that this year is gonna be better than last year. let's hope for it, shall we? :)

and I also got invited for a group exhibition in Berlin, Germany. but let me see the pros and cons if I sent my artwork overseas, since the gallery that invited me doesn't provide the shipment and assurance. (I don't want to let my artworks disposed anyway :))

Well, this year I planned to be fitter (for example : more comfortable in working place, find a better job, place of living, etc), happier (in any aspects like family and relationship with my loved one :) , and more productive ( in making artworks, blogging, and make connections with new friends).

I am thrilled with this overwhelming spirit of this year. Is it just me, or anyone feel the same?

Anyway, I also planned to be healthier and do more sport.

and let me give you my narcissistic pose with Edamame moustache. this japanese beans are quite cheap and you can buy it at grocery store then add a little salt.


(ps: do you see my new glasses? yes! f.i.n.a.l.l.y I got cat eye glasses. hurray!)


Dongeng Denu said...

Happy New Year...

Salam kenal yaa... ;)

diani. said...

halo! salam kenal juga :)

artika maya said...

happy new year, agak telat ngucapinnya :D

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