April 21, 2012

my childhood idol, Pak Raden.

I am so happy, today I have met my childhood idol, Pak Raden.
If you aren't familiar with him, he is the creator of the famous Unyil, one of Indonesian children television series. he is also a storyteller, illustrator and painter with very amazing passion in it.

Thanks veeeery much to Card To Post, and Sundea who told me about their event that invited Pak Raden as their main star at the workshop.

Pak Suyadi a.k.a Pak Raden

SBY at spa, my submitted postcard at the event.

one of my drawing at the event that I plan to sent to Pak Raden's address.

I tried to held back my tears when Pak Raden hugged me and entertained people at that event.
He is one of people that keep inspires me to draw since I was a child, and it feels like met with your long-time-no-see grandpa...!

I love you Pak Raden, keep inspires and stay strong! :')

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