June 19, 2012

Luscious Lips mixtape!

hello! long time no see,
while I'm keep busy drowning in my deadlines, my friends, Kushandari Arfanidewi a.k.a Yayi a.k.a Suicide Bunny and Ainur Rasyidah a.k.a Vintage Owl made this Luscious Lips Mixtape and I made the cover!

the theme of this mixtape is any songs you'd like to hear when you're making out with your loved one. ahem.

my favourite track of course the one from Mayer Hawthorne - Shiny and New. what's yours?

enjoy :)

*if the link above is dead, you can try hear Suicide Bunny's mixtape collection on 8tracks :D


Dyah Shinta Dwitya said...

broken link dianiii :(

diani. said...

wah? didelete ya? kok anehhhhh.

Claudia Novreica said...

Hey I love your artworks so much! :D


Teguh Kurnaen said...

iya didelete tuh, coba diupload ulang aja. :)
event blogger: menulis di blog dapet android, ikutan yuk!

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