August 24, 2012

happy 3 years! nom nom nom!

I rarely make a post about food. that's weird because I eat A LOT. I guess I'm an avid food hunter...but I guess I'm too lazy to make a review. hahaha.

today I make an exception because last night I was celebrating my 3rd years anniversary with Luky :) last night we chose Hartwood Gourmet & Grind at Jalan Cimanuk, because it was quite near from my house.. you know, it's very tiring to drive along the crowded street to northern Bandung to see the bandung city lights. Better give that chance to tourist LOL.
Both of us don't eat much red meat, and (ahem) such a healthy eater... ( i guess so, or trying to) and we chose poultry menu as our maincourse. let's eat! nom nom nom...
okay let's forget dieting for a while, shall we?
(have I told you I've lost almost 5 kgs during Ramadhan fasting?)

left : milk tea and right : spinach juice

roasted half chicken.. okay, Luky have eaten the other half. hahaha.

char grilled chicken. so tender and i love love the potato wedges.

tropical style waffle. yummy and creamy.

love u!

See u after the long long holiday :)


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thank uuuuu sintakuu :*

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