December 31, 2012

thank you 2012, welcome 2013

hello, 2013 will come in next 3 hours, so be ready for it.

I just wanna say, 2012 been a very very lucky year for me. so many great things happened.

MY BEST OF #2012

1. my new office (say hi from Kemang Selatan 99A)
2. publication on ELLE Indonesia
3. publication on Nylon Indonesia
4. my published illustration on Blue Romance novel
5. Raden Saleh exhibition on Galeri Nasional (it was one of the most stunning exhibition that I've ever seen, such a legendary)
6. Meet Pak Raden for the first time (my childhood idol)

ah, don't forget, I started to run intensively every morning since I bought my first ever running shoes on September. I never thought have such a sporty-boyfriend will made you exercise more (lol)
and I also start to do simple yoga everyday and applying food-combining (you can google it more) to my daily life. Eat healthy foods will help your life, really.


1. Stay productive, do more personal artworks.
2. Be healthier
3. make my own web come true (been searching the most suitable web-hosting for me, but darn it.. this web-thingie is complicated, actually I just want a simple web. Anyone can help me?) 
4. and the most important, worry less :)

remember, A in blood type A (my blood type) is not for ANXIOUS, but for ACCELERATE!

now I give you my narcissistic pose with my new babies to keep me productive. xoxo.

look at me! now i have neck! and i have jaws! XD


Dyah Shinta Dwitya said...

Abis bikin post tentang 2013 baru baca post lo ini dan jd inget satu hal yg harus gw jadiin resolusi 2013: bikin porto yang serius :)) Mau dong Di kalo dpt webhosting yg oke :*

diani. said...

hahaha laaah emang yang kemarin ga serius syn! hehe iya sip2 teman larikuuuu :* :*

puji maharani said...

"now i have neck! and i have jaws!" huahahahahahahaha :))

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