May 18, 2013

ob for shu uemura. (part 2)

In May 18th, it was me and Diela's turn to do live drawing in front of million people (okay I'm just kidding :p) at Shu Uemura counter at Senayan City, Jakarta.
That was a very very very fun event, at first I was nervous, because you know, doing a live drawing in front of many people with unusual drawing media wasn't easy... but in the end I felt kinda enjoyed the spotlight, hahaha. 

The illustrators also dress in the same color of our princess (Cicid in pink, Diela in green, Lidia in blue, and myself in yellow). In this event I also met for the first time many beauty bloggers from Jakarta (all this time I just read their blogs) and I also met Carryn from The Diary of Eyeliner Junkie. yay!

Shu Uemura counter decorated with our artworks yay!

very very cute display

one of the cute packaging

did I mention "cute" too much?

ob is a genious artist, she slapped me with this cutesy.

okay, let's pose first :p

the model in pink themed-makeup

my sketch with model.

diela's and mine.

pretty artwork and pretty model.

the best dress award goes to Rini Secilia!

I made her a bookmark inspired by her eye makeup. cute!

Hi Carryn! :)

I also met this chic lady named Putri, and made her an all blue bookmark.

the model was so tall, we look so tiny in here :(

my drawing using makeup by Shu Uemura!

Phew, it was a wrap for week 1, let's going to week 2. keep reading! busy busy busy <3 nbsp="">

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