May 25, 2013

ob for shu uemura. (part 3)

as I guess, this event gets busier and busier this week.
At Mall Kelapa Gading 3, we came at the mall when it was in its peak hour, so many people came, but that was made this event more exciting. 

again, me and Diela Maharanie , Lidia Puspita Dulam and Citra Kemala did a live drawing on this event. and many beauty-bloggers has come, so happy to meet lovely people around  thank you Shu Uemura ID :)

Cicid explains her artwork.

Diela explains her Forest Princess / Midori Hime.

Lidia with her matching outfit <3 td="">

Cicid on action

the fashion bloggers. 
one of the best dress.

look at the crowd X(

Diela's magic fingers.

cute sakura girl!

the performers.

look at our different styles.

it's a wraaap! yaaay!


Hatta Shani said...

ur artwork is just amazing, love ur artwork so muchhhh <3

diani. said...

thank youu :)

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