June 25, 2013

Being 25.

Hi all :D

It's been a month, well I forgot to tell you that I got my 25th birthday at last May 30th!
Finally I am twenty five oh God..! *gasp*

Being 25 : the time when *drum roll* the quarter life crisis arrives.
Being 25 : the time when almost everyone asks you when will you get married?
Being 25 : the time when your parents ask you what's your next life plan? because when they were 25, they had this and that and etc etc etc.
Being 25 : the time when your parents ask you until when you will spend your days at the office?
Being 25 : the time when you feel like you spent the rest of your weekends attending various weddings.

AHAHA. just kidding. being 25 is not always about marriage, or have kids, etc.

my advice, if you are 25 or turning 25: Don't compare yourself to your parents. Things were different for them when they were our age. This is so much easier said that done, but once accepted, life feels a little more comfortable.

I feel like 25 is the coolest age ever, and I'm so excited to see what will I get in my age now.

Owkay, let me tell you how I celebrated my birthday last month :)

sadly, at the D-day I wasn't celebrate it with my family at Bandung because I have to work at Jakarta :( but Luky called me and give me the first birthday greetings :D then Ibu and Bapak sent me this beautiful card on facebook.

yes, my Mom made this just for me :)

then i put this as my profile picture all day long,
birthday celebration when I was 4 :)

Then, the funny thing happened on my birthday night, on that day I plan to celebrate it with birthday run at Thursday Nite Run with IndoRunners (have I told you that I started to do regular running since last year?). Suddenly, Putri that should be running with me didn't come up because she stucked in the traffic. Hopelessly, I guess it's okay to running alone. Then I met these two girls named Bulan and Annisa, and they were kindly offered me to put my bag on their car so I can run with no worries. Yay! Met new friends at my birthday! randomness can bring happiness too :')

Introducing Bulan (left) and Annisa (right)

Then, after that, the time feels like forever. I've been missing my family a lot,
but then at June 15th I finally celebrate it with my lovely fam and Luky :* (say hi to my big brother at Tanzania, can't wait to see you in July :))

@ Dakken Coffee & Steak :*

That's all about my late birthday post ;P
How about you? what's your story about turning or being 25?


Hatta Shani said...

hahaha cool!! happy birthday y mbak ^^
smg ap yg dicita"kan trkobul :)

diani. said...

thank uuu Shani :D

indianaasha said...

kalau turning 24 gmn tuh diani? hihi :>

indianaasha said...

kalau turning 24, gimana tuh diani...hihihi
so sweeet banget mamanya.. :>

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